We can proudly declare that all our products are original. We work directly with manufacturing plants, which allows us to guarantee excellent quality. In order to verify the originality of steroids, it is enough to enter special verification codes that are located on the product packaging on the manufacturers’ official websites. We assure you, the result will be positive. We guarantee you maximum anonymity. This means that your data will never reach third parties, and can also be permanently deleted from the store’s base at your request. We also guarantee timely delivery, without any delays or failures. We respect and value our customers, therefore we are always open for dialogue in any matters.

Why choose us?

Product quality In our store only original products from manufacturers are presented. We regularly test and verify our product.


We pay special attention to service. We work 24/7, we are ready to answer your questions at any time.

Free shipping

We provide free shipping on orders of a certain amount. More details on the discount page.

Fast sending

We value the time of our customers, so we try to send orders as quickly as possible. The maximum time for forming and sending the order is 3 days.


We provide a flexible system of discounts for regular customers. Also, we arrange sales for everyone. More details on the discount page.

Order price

There is no minimum order amount in our online store. You can order even 1 blister per sample.

We guarantee:

Sending goods

We guarantee 100% sending the goods. Having made an order with us, you can be 100% sure that you will receive it. No force majeure circumstances can prevent this.

Product quality

We guarantee the quality of all our products. We directly cooperate with manufacturers, which guarantees the maximum quality of the goods. Also, we check and test products, which eliminates the chance of getting a low-quality batch from manufacturers.


We guarantee a full refund if the goods do not reach you. By this we also guarantee that you will receive your package 100%. For the return of funds video unpacking the package is mandatory (in the case of an empty package).


We guarantee 100% anonymity of our customers. Be sure that your data will not reach third parties. At the first request, we will delete all information about your orders.