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Application Provisions

Client's Caterer will be responsible for providing all food and food service and busing personnel, serving utensils and table decorations if so arranged. By signing below, Caterer agrees to all of the terms and conditions as set forth herein.

Documents to Submit

Caterer must submit to Lakewood , no less than seven (7) days in advance of the Event date, ALL of the following:

. Completed and signed Catering Application

. A $350 Clean Up deposit (See "Clean Up Policy below for more details)

. A copy of the final, signed agreement or contract between Caterer and Client, specifically one which indicates all charges of Caterer to Client, less sales tax.

Lakewood reserves the right to deny any Caterer access to the Lakewood , for any reason whatsoever, including, but not limited to if any one of the aforementioned documents and deposit are not received.

Clean Up Policy

considered reasonable. If Caterer or their representative, fail to complete said walkthrough with Manager, or if Caterer refuses or fails to complete any of the aforementioned requirements, Lakewood reserves the right to keep all or part of the aforementioned deposit as is deemed necessary to compensate Lakewood for having to complete such cleanup. Lakewood retains the right to bill Caterer or Client for any additional, reasonable charges incurred by Lakewood , over and above the deposit, due to actions or lack of action caused by Caterer. Caterer agrees to pay Lakewood for such damages within five days of receipt of notice of such amount being due.

Food Service and Staging Areas

Lakewood will make available to Caterer, a staging area in close proximity to the food service area. All backup/extra food or food related products must be kept in this area until needed, unless otherwise arranged with Lakewood . Caterer acknowledges that this staging area is solely for the purpose of final assembly and storage of any food being served. It is not designed for, nor is it to be used for the actual preparation of any food item whatsoever. Lakewood strongly recommends that Caterer conduct a walkthrough of the Lakewood food service and staging areas prior to the Event to insure that it meets the needs of the Caterer and their intended food service. Caterer will provide service personnel to bus plates, utensils and food related items from all tables where guests are seated, throughout the Lakewood , beginning no later than 15 minutes of commencement of any food service, until such time that all food related serving items are removed or Caterer has been checked out by Lakewood Management and cleared to leave the premises. Lakewood will provide up to Four (4), six or eight foot tables, draped in white linens for use by Client or Client's Caterer for food service. Said tables will be placed in the inner foyer area of the Lakewood , unless otherwise requested by Client and or Caterer. Additional charges may apply should Client and or Caterer elect to change the location of these tables.

Rented Food Service Items

Rented food service utensils arranged for by Caterer, may be delivered to the Lakewood no more than one (1) business day in advance of Event, unless otherwise arranged with Lakewood . Said rentals must be picked up no more than one (1) business day after the Event, unless otherwise arranged with Lakewood . These minimum requirements are

Load In and Load Out

Caterer may load in from the front doors of the Lakewood provided such is done so at least one (1) hour in advance of the Event start time (The time the doors are scheduled to open). Otherwise, all food and related items and personnel, must load in from the rear entrance, off the alley directly behind the Lakewood . Load out may be done through the Lakewood 's front doors provided the Event has concluded, or NO guests are in the foyer or lobby areas. Lakewood reserves the right to restrict use of the front doors should Lakewood feel guest's comfort, safety or the Event presentation are in jeopardy. Otherwise, all load out shall be restricted to the rear doors described above.


This Agreement represents all agreements or warrants between Caterer and Lakewood and supersedes any previous agreements or warrants whether verbal or written. Caterer acknowledges that no outside alcoholic beverages may be brought onto the Lakewood property for any reason whatsoever; law enforceable by the State of Texas . Caterer acknowledges that an inspection of the Lakewood has been made prior to the signing of this contract and that it has been found to serve the needs of Caterer for the aforementioned Event. Caterer is directly responsible for the outcome of this Event as relates to its food preparation and service. Any direct, "Hands On" involvement of Lakewood personnel in the execution or production of this Event, as requested by Caterer, will be done so at Caterer's sole responsibility and risk. Caterer is responsible for reimbursement and/or replacement for any amages incurred by the Lakewood , directly or indirectly caused by the negligence and/'or willful misconduct of Caterer, its agents, representatives or vendors, within five (5) days written notice from Lakewood that such reimbursement and/or replacement is necessary and a result of this Event. Conversely, Lakewood is responsible for reimbursement and/or replacement for any damages incurred by the Caterer, directly or indirectly caused by the negligence and/'or willful misconduct of Lakewood , its agents, representatives, or vendors within five (5) days written notice from Caterer that such reimbursement and/or replacement is necessary and a result of this Event. Employees, or independent contractors, in connection with this Event. Conversely, Lakewood agrees to indemnify and hold Caterer free and harmless from any loss liability or cost (including reasonable attorney's fees) which Caterer may sustain, incur or assume as a result of any claims or proceedings which may be alleged, made, instituted or maintained against Caterer or Lakewood , jointly or severally, and which is determined to have resulted from the negligence or willful misconduct of Lakewood , their guests, agents, employees, or independent contractors, in connection with this Event. Caterer acknowledges that Client and Lakewood have entered into an agreement for goods and services related to this Event. Said agreement shall have full and final jurisdiction with respect to this Event. At all times, Caterer agrees to take all precautions and enforce all policies and procedures reasonably necessary to ensure the highest standard of service to all guests attending the Event, including, but not limited to, providing trained staff, dressed in attire appropriate for this Event and the highest quality food and food service items appropriate for this Event. Lakewood acknowledges that Caterer and Client have entered into a separate agreement, which relates strictly to the food service portion for this Event. Therefore, this document does not constitute an agreement for services between Caterer and Lakewood , but moreover, the conditions under which Caterer must agree to be bound by in order to fulfill the terms of the agreement between Caterer and Client.

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