Hormones and Peptides in Bodybuilding

Hormones in bodybuilding have been used for a long time and are very popular. The main anabolic hormones are androgenic steroids, as well as growth hormone and insulin . The use of hormones allows you to quickly gain muscle mass , contributes to the growth of strength and excellent recovery.


Androgenic steroids are the most common hormones in bodybuilding. Anabolic drugs copy testosterone with their chemical structure and pharmacological effect on the body. Synthetic hormones stimulate protein synthesis inside cells, resulting in significant hypertrophy of muscle fibers.

With the cycle use of anabolic steroids:

• Reduces recovery time between workouts.
• The catabolic function of cortisol is suppressed .
• Decreases the percentage of body fat due to increased metabolism.

Human growth hormone

Somatotropin is used to reduce the subcutaneous fat and gain good muscle mass. The use of the hormone is accompanied by the accumulation of intracellular fluid, which increases the volume of muscle fibers. The ability of growth hormone to increase the strength of bone tissue, tendons and cartilage, reduces the risk of injury.

The use of the hormone does not increase strength and endurance, but allows you to achieve muscle relief. Somatotropin is highly effective, does not affect sexual functions, but has a high cost. Growth hormone in bodybuilding is usually combined with anabolic steroids to achieve a greater effect.


Insulin is a protein hormone whose secretion is stimulated by glucose, as well as amino acids and fatty acids. The hormone is responsible for the formation of glycogen in white muscle fibers, increases the ability of cell membranes to pass amino acids and macrocell ions.

Bodybuilding insulin is used due to anabolic effects:
• Increased metabolism.
• Increased protein synthesis.
• Strengthening the synthesis of nucleic acids.
• Activation of fatty acid oxidation.

Insulin is not an expensive drug that can be purchased at pharmacies. The main side effect of the drug is the risk of severe hypoglycemia. At the moment, there is no consensus on the acceptable dosages and duration of the cycle of insulin.

All hormones in bodybuilding are prohibited for use and have a strong effect on the body. Each athlete independently makes a decision on the use or refusal of doping in training.

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