Recovery after taking Steroids | Post-cycle Therapy (PCT)

After taking anabolic steroids, it is important to be able to recover properly, otherwise it will adversely affect the athlete’s health, as well as his hormonal background. In fact, steroids do not pose a great threat to the human body, if the importance of restoring after a cycle of steroids is on a par with their intake. Since it is important to devote a sufficient amount of time to this particular stage.

When to start recovery after a cycle

In general, everyone chooses when, one begins during the cycle, take antiestrogens , gonadotropin . Antiestrogens help get rid of excess estrogen, some steroids tend to convert (turn into a female hormone). And some begin to recover after the cycle, it all depends on what drugs the athletes take. There are short-acting drugs for 6-12 hours, and there are long-acting drugs for 2-7 days.

Loss of muscle mass.

After completing the cycle, you will begin to actively lose weight, so you have a very important task to preserve the gained muscles to the maximum. Loss is inevitable, it is necessary to treat this with understanding, so direct all efforts to minimize it. The amount of loss depends on the following factors:

  • The larger your dosages, the more you lose.
  • The longer the cycle, the longer the rollback will take place after. Therefore, it is worth understanding that there is no one fixed answer to the question: “how long does recovery after a cycle of steroids last?”, For each case this indicator is different.

How to reduce muscle loss during recovery after a cycle of steroids.

  • First of all, pay attention to the work of the hormonal background, since you need to return the amount of testosterone released to the familiar level.
  • Restoring male power.
  • Rehabilitate the liver, which worked in increased productivity mode.
  • Proper nutrition, and in particular the level of good cholesterol.
  • Make training simpler, as you can no longer work with the same weights as when taking steroids.

In general, the basic rules for recovering from a cycle of steroids is the normalization of the hormonal background, by the means of using drugs and maintaining proper nutrition, sleep and training. Rehabilitation drugs play a big role, because without them the body will not be able to normalize its work. You can familiarize yourself with the necessary list of substances in more detail at various forums or from interviews of professional athletes. In general, it is not so difficult to recover if you do everything correctly and adhere to the dosages you need.